SaliciDerm Sales de Baño del Mar Muerto
PRESENTATION: 500 ml. CN: 244962.6

SaliciDerm Dead Sea Bath Salts

SaliciDerm Bath Salts have been created using mineral components from the Dead Sea, well-known for their therapeutic effects and especially recommended in Dermatology.
The qualities contained in the SaliciDerm Dead Sea Bath Salt components means that this product is NATURAL and UNIQUE as a coadjutant in treatments that produce excessive flakiness and itchiness.
Due to its high sodium and potassium content it produces a much faster cellular metabolism rate.


Shake before use. Unless otherwise indicated, pour a dose marked on the container in the bathtub. Stay in the bathtub an estimated 15 minutes. DRYING WITHOUT RUBBING. We recommend two doses per week at intervals of 72 hrs. In case of direct application in Localized areas, apply it and let it dry. NO RUBBING.


External use only. Shake before use.




SaliciDerm Aceite Salicílico 2%

SaliciDerm Salicylic 2% Oil

SaliciDerm oil is a modern formula for the coadjutant treatment of dermatological process with flaking and itchiness.

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SaliciDerm Loción corporal 1,5%

SaliciDerm Lotion 1.5%

SaliciDerm Lotion (1.5%) with Dead Sea Salts has been conceived for dermatological process with dry skin and itching.

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SaliciDerm Sales Roll-on

SaliciDerm Roll-On Sea Bath Salts

SaliciDerm Roll-On 50 ml. has a novel application system as it can be applied to the whole body and where required.

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