Aceite Dermatologico
PRESENTATION: 200 ml.          CN: 300541.8

CareDerm Dermatological Oil

Sweet almond oil improves the skin’s general aspect and provides better moisturising and smoothness.
As it is easy to use, whether in the shower or bath and applied directly, it provides a high emollient factor in dry and itchy skin processes.


In the bath, dilute the right amount for each case in the bath. It can also be used after a shower or bath. Apply and let it work for a few minutes. Remove with water and dry without rubbing. Apply directly if the case requires.


External use only.


Loción Hidratante corporal

CareDerm Body Moisturising Lotion

CareDerm Moisturising Lotion has been created with natural active principles to give a higher emollient effect and smoother skin, reducing flakiness.

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Gel de baño

CareDerm Moisturising Bath Gel

Moisturising Bath Gel for daily skin hygiene. Improves the skin’s general aspect, moisturises and prevents dryness and flakiness.

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