GlykoCare 8% AHA
PRESENTATION: 30 ml. CN: 158633.9

GlykoCare 8% Face and neck

Face and neck moisturing cream. 8% AHA moisturing cream for a light desquamation and renewal of the skin cells. GlykoCare 8%, helps fade signs of sun damage, correct uneven skin tone (dullness, ashiness, skin discolorations), and makes skin feel wonderfully smooth).


Apply on dean dry face and neck with a gentle massage for a better absorption twice a day.


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Discontinue if persistent irritation occurs. It is harmful if swallowed, It is irritative to the mucosal eyeball. Keep bottle tightly closed at all times and protected from the light and keep room temperature.


External use only.



Retinol Loción

Carederm Retinol Lotion

The union of its exclusive formula helps recuperate aged skin, with a tendency to wrinkle.

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Carederm Scrub 5%

CareDerm Scrub 5%

A unique product that will provide exfoliating, descaling and promoting properties of the formation of collagen and elastin.

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GlykoCare Gel Forte 15% AHA

GlykoCare 15% AHA Gel forte

GlykoCare 15% AHA Gel forte eliminates the accumulated dead cells and leaves a healthier looking skin smoother texture and suppleness.

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